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The Big Fat Truth: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Losing Weight and Gaining the Inner Strength to Transform Your Life

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JD Roth

JD Roth is one of television’s most prolific and compelling producers of transformational reality TV. As CEO of 3Ball Television, JD is executive producer of ABC’s hit series Extreme Weight Loss (formerly titled Extreme Makeover: Weight …

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Praise for The Big Fat Truth

‘To lose weight for good, you need to become a beast—a beast who crushes your workouts, who can outsmart temptation, and who has shed the fat in your head. On The Biggest Loser, JD Roth was the guy who could wake the beast within anyone. With The Big Fat Truth, he can awaken the weight-loss beast in you.’ —Jillian Michaels, The Biggest Loser


‘JD Roth has a passion for making this world a better place and a unique experience helping people change their interaction with food. His ideas are as original—and professional—as any I have heard on this important question. His views are inspiring, and they will help you lose weight forever.’ —T. Colin Campbell, PhD, bestselling author of The China Study


‘JD’s unparalleled positive energy is contagious. He motivates and inspires even the most pessimistic, and has bottled his message of positivity in this book!’ —Harley Pasternak, MSc, New York Times bestselling author of The Body Reset Diet, 5-Factor Diet, and 5-Factor Fitness


‘JD is a reality engineer who possesses the gift to create the real we all want!’ —Ashton Kutcher

‘[W]hether you need to lose 10 pounds or 110 pounds, The Big Fat Truth will be a helpful resource of information and inspiration.’ —Gabby Reece, volleyball player, sports announcer, model, and author

‘On camera, you see incredible stories of transformation . . . but off camera is where the magic happens. Yes, you need to diet and exercise to lose weight, but making the heart and mind connection—with yourself and with others—is what will change your life forever. No one knows how to make that connection better than JD Roth.’ —Chris and Heidi Powell, Extreme Weight Loss


‘JD Roth embodies empathy and compassion, two qualities that are exceptionally rare is this industry. His lessons and examples make this book a must-read.” —Tim Gunn, Project Runway


‘Though the process of weight-loss is a complex one, and controversy may exist in the medical and nutritional worlds about how to best accomplish this goal, one thing is certain: it all starts with the mind-body connection. No one knows this better than JD Roth. If he could write a prescription for that, it would be ‘inspiration: take one daily; repeat indefinitely’!’ —Jennifer L. Ashton, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., ABC News Senior Medical Contributor on Good Morning America and co-host of The Doctors


‘JD Roth will . . . show you how to slay the mental hang-ups that are the real enemy of lasting weight loss and absurdly good health and happiness.’ —Rocco DiSpirito, chef, TV host, and author of Now Eat This! and The Pound-a-Day Diet