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The Eighties: The Decade That Transformed Australia

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Awards for The Eighties

  • Winner, 2016 ACT Book of the Year Award
  • Shortlisted, 2016 NSW Premier’s History Awards
  • Shortlisted, 2016 Ernest Scott Prize
  • Shortlisted, 2016 CHASS Australia Book Prize

About the author

Frank Bongiorno

Frank Bongiorno is professor of history at the Australian National University and author of the award-winning The Sex Lives of Australians. He has written for the Monthly, the Australian and Inside Story.

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Praise for The Eighties

‘A rattling account, quick-cut and filmic, of contrasting, often overlapping, events: high and low culture, the big moments nestling in the finer longforgotten detail. And the detail here is the thing, a running authorial sleight of hand that salts a nimble, skipping narrative with enough fine-grained close-up to give the impression of a dense and exhaustive study without being tempted into the many digressions that detail might, in less disciplined hands, provoke.’ —the Age

‘A very impressive achievement of historical synthesis, written in lucid, fast-moving prose with an eye for the telling detail. This is fine writing for the decade that brought Australia fine dining.’ —the Monthly

‘Frank Bongiorno has found his way through this minefield and produced one of the most compelling histories of Australia in the late twentieth century … Bongiorno has rendered the eighties in all its brave, avaricious and gaudy glory.’ —Labour History

‘My guide down the foggy ruins of time is a 1980s teenager who’s now an ANU historian. His comprehensive tour is a canny mix of economic history and news headlines.’ —Canberra Times

‘Meaty and entertaining … The Eighties reconjur[es] the full flavour of the time – the tackiness of its fraudsters and jailbird entrepreneurs, the ­cruelty of its economic fallout.’ —the Australian

‘Frank Bongiorno has successfully negotiated the minefield of Australia’s political egos to write the definitive account of an inspired, infuriating decade.’— George Megalogenis

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