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On My Knees: A Memoir

About the author

Periel Aschenbrand

Periel Aschenbrand is the author of the critically acclaimed book The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own. Heralded as a provocateur by the New York Times and \feisty, foxy, and smart\ by Paper magazine, Aschenbrand has become …

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Praise for On My Knees

‘Ribald, outrageous, gutter-mouthed, hilarious – a startling new voice in American letters. Watch out Portnoy, watch out Caulfield, watch out Bukowski, watch out E. L. James. Hell, everybody, real or imagined, just watch out! Because here comes Periel Aschenbrand!’ —Jonathan Ames

‘Periel Aschenbrand is funny, funny, funny. On My Knees is a cool book-made me laugh, made me think, made me keep turning pages. If you don’t buy it and read it and dig, you’re making a mistake.’ —James Frey

‘Bold, sassy, and totally fcking cool. If truth in comedy is my mantra, then the goddess I pray to is Periel Aschenbrand.’ —Lesley Arfin, author of Dear Diary and senior writer for Girls


‘Meet the Lady Gaga of literature! On My Knees is sexy, funny, titillating, and badass.’ —Toure

‘Unsavorily compelling … in the manner of a female Howard Stern.’ —New York Times