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Telling Tennant's Story: The Strange Career of the Great Australian Silence

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About the author

Dean Ashenden has worked as an academic and a political adviser, and in journalism. He has written for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, Guardian Australia, The Financial Review, Inside Story, Meanjin, Crikey and History …

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Praise for Telling Tennant's Story

‘A drily elegant, bracing work from a pained and open heart’ —Helen Garner

‘Moving ... filled with insights on the presence of a past right in front of our eyes’ —Jay Winter

‘A graceful, unostentatiously scholarly, wise (and highly readable) book on a subject of overwhelming and enduring significance for all Australians.’ —Robert Manne

‘Refreshing and original. A unique window on Australia’s past and its barbed resonance today . . . Essential reading for anyone interested in the challenge of truth-telling.’  —Mark McKenna

'Lucid, succinct, eminently readable ... A compelling, beautifully written, and essential contribution to the project of constructing a culture that makes room for all of us.' —Kim Mahood, Australian Book Review

‘... a lucid, succinct, eminently readable account of the reasons why Australia as a nation continues to struggle with how to acknowledge and move beyond its past.' —Kim Mahood, Australian Book Review

‘Ashenden has written this book in a frank, collegial voice. He has an economical way of writing that takes no side-steps and delivers his message with a good deal of power’ —Dr Emma Dortins, Professional Historians Australia