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This Time: Australia's Republican Past and Future

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About the author

Benjamin T. Jones

Benjamin T. Jones is a historian at Central Queensland University specialising in republicanism and Australian national identity. He is the author or editor of several books, including Republicanism and Responsible Government, Project …

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Praise for This Time

‘Powerful and compelling. This is the book we’ve been waiting for. Jones has written the most passionate and coherent argument for an Australian republic in decades.’ —Mark McKenna, author of An Eye for Eternity: The Life of Manning Clark

‘This is an important Australian book about an important Australian campaign. Benjamin T. Jones tells the republican story as it should be told - as the story of Australia’s long journey towards its own best self.’ —Michael Cooney, national director of the Australian Republic Movement

This Time takes us to the high ground of political argument. His republic is one that institutionalises and promotes the values of democracy, meritocracy and community not just in our constitution but also in the many symbols we need to unite and inspire our citizens, including our flag, our coins and our national anthem.’ —Geoff Gallop, former premier of Western Australia

‘If you want to think, for the very first time, about why Australia needs an Australian Head of State, this is the book for you. Passionate, provocative and patriotic, this is the book we all need for the Republic we have to have.’ –Clare Wright, historian

‘Thought it would be good. Didn’t think it would be one of the best and most fascinating books I have read for years. Benjamin T. Jones for PM! Stuff that – Benjamin T. Jones FOR PRESIDENT!’ —Catherine Deveny

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