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The Two Acrobats

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About the author

Pierre Ryckmans

Pierre Ryckmans’ many books include The Hall of Uselessness, Chinese Shadows, The Death of Napoleon and Other People’s Thoughts. He was a regular contributor to the New York Review of Books, Le Monde and Le Figaro …

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Jeanne Ryckmans

Jeanne Ryckmans has worked as a presenter, producer and documentary maker at SBS, as features editor at Elle and the books editor at Vogue. She has been a book publisher for over a decade. She likes eating snails.

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Praise for The Two Acrobats

‘An enchanting tale from a gorgeous – and heartwarming – collaboration, as daughter and father weave magic together.’ —Jackie French, Children’s Laureat

‘A little story of immense charm that will cause gurglings of delight.’—Theodore Dalrymple

‘When one of the world's greatest writers devoted some leisure time to illustrating a children's book written by his daughter, they came up with a masterpiece.’ —Bill Leak


‘Lions, elephants, bears and a snail – applause for a very tall story!’ —Murray Bail