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You'll Grow Out of It

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About the author

Jessi Klein

Jessi Klein is the Emmy and Peabody Award–winning head writer and an executive producer of Comedy Central’s critically acclaimed series Inside Amy Schumer. She’s also written for Amazon’s Transparent as well as Saturday …

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Praise for You'll Grow Out of It

‘Jessi Klein is a brilliant comedic mind and this book is a perfect reflection of that. It's like having a glass of wine with the best friend you wish you had.’ —Amy Schumer

You’ll Grow Out Of It does an amazing job making me understand what my life might be like if I were a woman. Or if I were Jessi Klein. I laughed. Lots. Not at what it’s like to be a woman! That would be sexist. I laughed at the parts that you’re supposed to. Which are plentiful. Because Jessi Klein is truly really funny.’ —Ira Glass, Host & producer of This American Life

‘Who knows, [Klein] might have laboured over every turn of phrase or snappy one-liner in her new book … but if she did, it’s impossible to tell.’ —Elle