As China rises, can its culture conquer the world? | Black Inc.
Linda Jaivin

As China rises, can its culture conquer the world?

To celebrate the release of the February 2019 issue of Australian Foreign Affairs 5, Are We Asian Yet? join contributing author Linda Jaivin as she looks at how we ought to be able to relate better to Chinese culture than we do given there are 1.2 million residents or citizens who identify as ethnic Chinese in Australia and Mandarin is the second-most commonly spoken language after English. Geography, trade and investment, geopolitics and climate change are among the things that bind Australia to the People’s Republic of China, sometimes to our advantage, sometimes to our discomfort. The obstacles to greater cultural engagement range from language barriers and the politics of fear to simple perplexity at some of the Communist Party’s soft power efforts. Should we try harder? What is at stake if we don’t? Just as important: what do we gain if we do?

Date:   Thursday 21 February

Time:   5:30pm

Venue: QLD Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), Stanley Place, South Brisbane

Price:   This is a free event