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Jess Hill

Jess Hill at All About Women festival (NSW)

Whatever country or culture you belong to, gendered abuse and violence is found across the world. In Australia, one in four women has experienced violence from a male intimate partner. In Pakistan, "honour killings", where women are killed by male relatives, are still occurring. Jess Hill's new book, See What You Made Me Do, is a four year investigation which focusses on the actions of the abusers rather than the victims has shifted the the national conversation. Sanam Maher's investigation into the 2016 murder of Pakistan's first female internet celebrity, Qandeel Baloch, is a fascinating and devastating look at violent patriarchal systems in Pakistan. Join these leading journalists for a cross cultural conversation about the universal emergency of violence against women.

Date:   Sunday 8 March

Time:   11:00am

Venue: Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000

Price:   $33