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Jeff Apter

Music and Biography with Jeff Apter

Writing about music and the lives of musicians—as Jeff has done for the past 30 years, across more than 20 books —is a rewarding, sometimes under-appreciated, creative field. In this seminar, Jeff will discuss what makes a good music bio, what key lessons he’s learned during his long and winding career, and will give his opinion on the seemingly never-ending ‘authorised vs unauthorised’ argument. He will provide professional advice ranging from selecting a subject to research, ‘pitching’ to publishers, the writing itself, ‘death by 50 cuts’ (aka editing), design and photo selection. Jeff will also discuss the numerous crucial relationships any writer must maintain: with their desk, their editor, designers, booksellers, publicists, readers and more.

Date:   Saturday 14 October

Time:   10:30am

Venue: Meeting Room 1.B Level 1, State Library of Queensland Stanley Place, South Brisbane, QLD 4101 South Brisbane, QLD, AU, 4101

Price:   $59