The Mutant Project: Eben Kirksey at Deakin Downtown (VIC) | Black Inc.
Eben Kirksey

The Mutant Project: Eben Kirksey at Deakin Downtown (VIC)

Join author Eben Kirksey for a seminar-style discussion of his recent book, The Mutant Project, that will be filmed for a broadcast special with Japan’s national TV station, NHK.

This event is a chance to have your thoughts on gene editing featured in a TV documentary titled ‘NHK Special: 2030 – World’s Turning Point for the Future / Series V. The Future of Biotechnology’. The seminar is limited to twelve participants. A catered lunch will be provided. Participants will be invited to read ‘Mixed Wisdom’, a short selection from The Mutant Project, ahead of the event.

Catered lunch will be served at noon, followed by a discussion at 12:30pm.

Date:   Friday 7 May

Time:   12:00pm

Venue: Deakin Downtown, 727 Collins Street, Tower 2 Level 12, Melbourne, VIC 3008

Price:   This is a free event.