Robert Manne in conversation with Arnold Zabel | Black Inc.
Robert Manne

Robert Manne in conversation with Arnold Zabel

Robert Manne’s new collection of essays, On Borrowed Time, explores how he came to be ‘on borrowed time’ and the loss of his voice due to throat cancer. His career as an academic and one of Australia’s leading public intellectuals is well known and now, with his characteristic curiosity, strength and independent spirit, he’s confronting what it means to keep making a contribution to debate without a physical voice.

In other essays Rob covers the topics that have shaped our world over the last five years, including climate change, the media, Australia’s asylum seeker policy, and Wikileaks. This provocative and challenging book features essays on Donald Trump’s alleged links to Russia, Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership, the ideas driving Islamic State, and a searing critique of Jonathan Franzen’s views on climate change activists. Join Manne and Arnold Zable for a wide-ranging discussion.

Date:   Tuesday 27 March

Time:   6:00pm

Venue: Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon Street, Carlton, VIC

Price:   This is a free event