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Songs (Pre-order offer only)

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From Cold Chisel to Catfish, Tex, Don and Charlie to his solo work and many other writing collaborations, these are the collected lyrics of Don Walker, one of Australia's greatest songwriters. With a foreword by Jimmy Barnes.

Don Walker is widely considered one of Australia's greatest songwriters. For over forty years - from Cold Chisel and Tex, Don & Charlie to his solo work - he has written songs that capture what it is to be Australian. Collected here, for the first time, are lyrics from his extensive career - from 'Khe Sanh' to 'Flame Trees', 'Looking Forward Looking Back' to 'Harry Was a Bad Bugger', Walker's words are poetic, moving and incisive. These words live on the page, with or without the memory of music. 

Interspersed with autobiographical sketches and anecdotes, Songs is a must-have for fans of Walker's brilliant, razor-sharp storytelling.

14 Songs compilation album includes ‘Khe Sanh’ by Cold Chisel, ‘Flame Trees’ by Sarah Blasko, ‘In the Early Hours’ by Catfish, ‘Such a Beautiful Thing’ by Ian Moss, ‘Looking Forward Looking Back’ by Slim Dusty, ‘The Way You Are Tonight’ by Missy Higgins, ‘Saturday Night’ by Cold Chisel, ‘Down the Road’ by Jimmy Little and Troy Cassar-Daley, ‘Harry Was A Bad Bugger’ by Don Walker (Live), ‘Sitting in a Bar’ by Tex Don and Charlie, ‘Stone Cold’ by Jimmy Barnes, ‘Young Girls’ by Don Walker, ‘Sing to Me’ by Kate Cebrano, ‘All for You’ by Cold Chisel

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About the author

Don Walker

Don Walker is one of Australia's leading songwriters - first with Cold Chisel and now as a solo performer and with Tex, Don & Charlie. 

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Release date: 1 Jul 2019

RRP: $32.99

Format: Hardback

Size: 210 x 135mm

Extent: 256pp