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Bad Cop: Peter Dutton's Strongman Politics; Quarterly Essay 93

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Lech Blaine

Lech Blaine is the author of the memoir Car Crash and the Quarterly Essay Top Blokes. His writing has appeared in The Monthly, Guardian Australia, The Best Australian Essays, Griffith Review, Kill Your Darlings and Meanjin. …

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Bad Cop

Praise for Bad Cop

‘Blaine gives a compelling account of Dutton the strong man’ —Judith Brett, The Conversation

Peter Dutton and the Forgotten People is considered, clear-eyed and will have you reading the news differently.’ –Michael Williams, Qantas,

‘This is a portrait drawn in black and white of a man – Peter Dutton – who seems to see the world in black and white. [...] The thrust of this punchy essay is that Dutton’s strongman guise is a cover for a deeply ambitious and ruthless individual who is, in fact, ‘‘small and scared’’.’ –Fiona Capp, The Saturday Age

‘Lech is an enormous talent that has a deep understanding about our society, its class structures and the massive cultural differences between states, towns and suburbs. When he writes. Read it.’—Kos Samaras

‘[A] timely and perceptive profile of the Opposition leader’ —Patrick Mullins, Australian Book Review

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