Changing Jobs by Jim Chalmers, Mike Quigley | Black Inc.

Changing Jobs : The fair go in the new machine age

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About the author

Jim Chalmers is a Labor MP and the current federal treasurer. Before being elected to parliament, Jim was the chief of staff to the Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer. He has a PhD in political science and international relations and is the author …

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Mike Quigley spent 36 years with the major global telecommunications company Alcatel, including three years as its president and COO. He was the first employee of the Australian NBN company and its CEO for four years. He is now adjunct professor in …

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Praise for Changing Jobs

‘A thought-provoking and stimulating book that arrives at some novel – and potentially controversial – solutions to one of the defining challenges of our age: the rise of the machines.’ —Jessica Irvine, senior economics writer for Fairfax