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Leather Soul: A Half-back Flanker's Rhythm and Blues

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Bob Murphy

Bob Murphy played for the Western Bulldogs for 17 years and was their captain from 2015 to 2017. In 2015 Murphy was named captain of the year at the AFL Players Association awards and was also captain of the All-Australian team. The following year, …

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Leather Soul

Praise for Leather Soul

‘We are indebted to him for making us believe in the game again.’ —Gerard Whateley


‘This isn’t your typical footy book.’—Michael Rowland, ABC News Breakfast presenter


‘[An] honest, moving and brutally self-aware account …’––Bill Perrett, The Sydney Morning Herald, 


Leather Soul paints a poignant picture of a man struggling to overcome the enormity of missing out on the game of his life.’––Kate O’Halloran, The Guardian

‘Bob Murphy’s got a great story to tell, and he does it pretty damn well. He was an exceptional footballer. Lucky lad, he’s an exceptional writer too. Leather Soul is … superb.’—Paul Amy, Leader Newspaper and Inside Football


‘There is only one Bob Murphy.’ —Martin Flanagan


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