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Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashion

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About the author

Clare Press

Clare Press is Marie Claire’s fashion editor-at-large, and Daily Life's Sustainable Style columnist. Ex-Vogue, she was also fashion critic at the Monthly and features director at Sunday Style. …

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Praise for Wardrobe Crisis

‘The best antidote to our current Wardrobe Crisis is to be a mindful consumer in the first place … Clare lives and breathes fashion, and delivers a persuasive argument for its power as a both a creative force and an agent for change.’ —Sarah Wilson

‘She effortlessly combines her incredible industry knowledge with a unique writing style that completely resonates with me.’ —Eva Galambos, Parlour X


‘Clare’s book raises fascinating questions about conscious consumerism and the positive role fashion can play.’ —Jackie Frank, publisher, Marie Claire


Wardrobe Crisis will persuade you to shop smart and give you the tools to pull it off.’ —Yen

‘Clare Press takes aim at one of the most urgent but frequently overlooked issues of our time - the toxic culture of disposability and ‘fast fashion’. With reports that fashion is now the second most polluting industry in the world, it is well and truly time to consider ’slow clothes’, reconnect with the things we own and use in our lifetimes, and learn to mend and repair them.’ —Tara Moss

‘A perfect balance of engaging (but true) fluff and formidable fact.’ —the Age

‘It’s a book all fashion lovers should add to their bedside reading list.’ —the Australian 

‘[An] eye-opening look at the state of the industry today.’ —Fashion Journal

Wardrobe Crisis is entertaining and enlightening, and thankfully, it’s hopeful too.’ —Readings