Welcome to Paradise, Now Go to Hell by Chas Smith | Black Inc.

Welcome to Paradise, Now Go to Hell: A True Story of Violence, Corruption and the Soul of Surfing

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About the author

Chas Smith

Chas Smith was the first to surf mainland Yemen, Osama Bin Laden’s ancestral homeland, directly after 9/11. He’s written about fashion in Somalia, debauchery in Azerbaijan and terrorists in India. In 2006, Smith covered the conflict between Israel …

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Praise for Welcome to Paradise, Now Go to Hell

‘Love him or hate him, he’s the most stylish writer [surfing] has seen for decades.’ —Fred Pawle, the Australian 

‘Absolutely the most entertaining surf book in years, a breathless adrenalized romp. More importantly, it’s a jaw-dropping introduction to Smith’s greatest – and most promising – literary creation, himself.’ – Dan Duane, author of Caught Inside: A Surfer's Year on the California Coast


‘Gleeful defiance and feral wit … fuel this compulsive, wild ride of a book’ —the Age

‘A hip exposé of Hawaii’s North Shore surfing culture … entertains, while superior reporting informs and illuminates much about the surf industry’s peculiar machinations, its cavalcade of sun-bleached heroes and the troubled history of Hawaii itself … effortlessly shifting from the profound to the profane.’ —Kirkus