Anne Manne in conversation with Tanya Wilks OAM | Black Inc.
Anne Manne

Anne Manne in conversation with Tanya Wilks OAM

For many years, Newcastle was the centre of an extensive paedophile network run by members of the Anglican church – and protected by parishioners and community members who looked the other way. 

In this gripping book, author Anne Manne reveals how this network was able to avoid detection for so long, and how its ringleaders were finally exposed and brought to justice. At the centre of the story is a survivor, Steve Smith, who endured years of childhood abuse but refused to be silenced. 

Join us on Sunday, 28 April for the offical book launch of Crimes of the Cross, led by chair speaker Tanya Wilks OAM in conversation with author, Anne Manne and survivor, Steve Smith. 

Date:   Sunday 28 April

Time:   5:00pm

Venue: The Lock-Up, 90 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300

Price:   This is a free event.