Ariane Beeston in conversation with Kerri Sackville | Black Inc.
Ariane Beeston

Ariane Beeston in conversation with Kerri Sackville

Join us with Ariane Beeston to celebrate the release of Because I'm Not Myself, You See! Ariane will be joined by Kerri Sackville, with opening remarks from Dr Nicole Highet.



A frank, hopeful and darkly funny memoir of postpartum psychosis and recovery.

'How strange to be the observed and not the observer.'

Ariane Beeston is a child protection worker and newly registered psychologist when she gives birth to her first child – and very quickly begins to experience scary breaks with reality. Out of fear and shame, she keeps her delusions and hallucinations secret, but as the months pass Ariane gets worse. Much worse. Finally admitted to a mother and baby psychiatric unit, the psychologist is forced to learn how to be the patient.

With medication, the support of her husband, psychotherapy and, ultimately, time, Ariane rebuilds herself. And she also begins a new chapter working in perinatal mental health, developing resources to support other new mothers.

Because I'm Not Myself, You See is a candid, often humorous memoir of motherhood and madness, interwoven with research and expert commentary. It's the story of the impossible pressures placed on new mothers and how quickly things can go wrong during 'the happiest time of your life'. It's also about life on the other side of serious illness, trying to make sense of what doesn't make sense, and finding humour, beauty and joy when things don't go according to plan.

Date:   Thursday 30 May

Time:   6:30pm

Venue: Better Read Than Dead, 265 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia

Price:   This is a free event.