Book Launch: Machines Behaving Badly | Black Inc.
Toby Walsh

Book Launch: Machines Behaving Badly

Join us for the launch of Machines Behaving Badly: The Morality of AI by Toby Walsh.

Can we build moral machines? Toby Walsh, AI expert, examines the ethical issues we face in a future dominated by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is an essential part of our lives – for better or worse. It can be used to influence what we buy, who gets shortlisted for a job and even how we vote. Without AI, medical technology wouldn’t have come so far, we’d still be getting lost on backroads in our GPS-free cars, and smartphones wouldn’t be so, well, smart. But as we continue to build more intelligent and autonomous machines, what impact will this have on humanity and the planet?

Professor Toby Walsh, a world-leading researcher in the field of artificial intelligence, explores the ethical considerations and unexpected consequences AI poses – Is Alexa racist? Can robots have rights? What happens if a self-driving car kills someone? What limitations should we put on the use of facial recognition?

Date:   Thursday 26 May

Time:   5:30pm

Venue: The Precinct's Stair Stadium, Fortitute Valley QLD

Price:   Free