The Craft of History in the Age of Fake News | Black Inc.
Tom Griffiths

The Craft of History in the Age of Fake News

What is the prospect of history in the age of ‘alternative facts’?  Historians have always been important in civil society – we are the great storytellers!  But we are also the storytellers who, when the chips are down, are prepared to do the hard work to try to distinguish between truth and lies, between good history and fake news, between facts and their alternatives.  We seem to be entering a time when a substantial proportion of people have lost faith in our ability to discern and agree upon a past reality, who don’t even know how one might go about such a task, who don’t understand what might constitute ‘evidence’ or what ‘context’ means.  We seem to have lost faith in expertise and even any sense of what it might be based upon.  The digital age has levelled and equalised sources and the internet has become a mire of undifferentiated information and opinion.  This is a time when anything goes, and when the noisiest prevail.  The need for history – for scholarly, balanced, self-critical history – has never been greater.

Date:   Tuesday 5 September

Time:   7:00pm

Venue: B117 Theatre, MSD Building, University of Melbourne Parkville

Price:   This is a free event.