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Hugh White

How to Defend Australia: meet the author

Hugh White will be in-conversation with Sam Roggeveen on Hugh's new book How to Defend Australia. In this groundbreaking book, Hugh White considers a number of important issues, such as how seriously ought we take the risk of war? Do we want to remain a middle-power? What kind of strategy - and what Australian Defence Force - do we need? Hugh White is Australia's most provocative, revelatory, and yet realistic commentator on Australia's strategic and defence orientation. In an age of power politics and armed rivalry in Asia, it is time for fresh thinking. In this controversial and persuasive contribution, White sets new terms for one of the most crucial conversations Australia needs to have.

Date:   Thursday 4 July

Time:   6:00pm

Venue: ANU, 188 Fellows Lane, Canberra ACT 2600

Price:   This is a free event