John Zubrzycki in conversation with Satyajit Das | Black Inc.
John Zubrzycki

John Zubrzycki in conversation with Satyajit Das

From Alexander the Great crossing the Indus, to plotting Mughal emperors; from English colonisation and the East India Company, to the legacy of Gandhi; from ancient Buddhist practice to modern day Bollywood – John Zubrzycki, former foreign news editor with The Australian, tackles them all in a sweeping, entertaining and concise history of the rising global superpower of India.

Join him on Tuesday 14 June in conversation with Satyajit Das, a globally respected former banker, nominated by Bloomberg as one of the fifty most influential financial thinkers in the world.

Date:   Tuesday 14 June

Time:   7:00pm

Venue: The Royal Oak Balmain, 36 College St, Balmain, NSW 2041

Price:   $12.64