SWF: Sticks and Stones: Defamation Law | Black Inc.
David Marr

SWF: Sticks and Stones: Defamation Law

Australian defamation law has been called a ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ of poorly adapted legislation that offers insufficient protection for journalists and is ill-equipped to safeguard ordinary citizens in the digital age. Is it time we scrap the law or give it a dramatic rewrite? David Marr puts these questions to former Melbourne University Press CEO Louise Adler, Professor David Rolph, and the ABC Life’s Osman Faruqi (who sued Mark Latham in a high-profile defamation case).


Date:   Friday 3 May

Time:   1:30pm

Venue: Carriageworks, Bay 17 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh

Price:   $35 / $25