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Eliza Hull

We've Got This - All About Women

When writer and musician Eliza Hull was pregnant with her first child, like most parents-to-be she was excited and nervous. But as a person with a disability, societal stigma was an added complexity. We’ve Got This, a new major anthology by parents with disabilities, features twenty-five parents who identify as Deaf, disabled or chronically ill.

To celebrate this revelatory book, three mothers - Eliza Hull, Elly-May Barnes, and Debra Keenahan - gather to share the joy and triumph - and the difficulties - of their lived experience. Amongst the challenges of microaggression, judgements and discrimination, these brilliant women will honour the incredible, empowering journey of having kids.

Date:   Sunday 13 March

Time:   11:00am

Venue: Sydney Opera House

Price:   $33