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After the Future: Australia's new extinction crisis

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About the author

Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery has published numerous scientific papers and over a dozen books, including The Eternal Frontier, The Future Eaters, The Weather Makers, An Explorer’s Notebook and Now or Never: A Sustainable …

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Praise for After the Future

‘Flannery is known as a passionate advocate for conservation, but rarely has he sounded so angry.’ —Fiona Capp, Sydney Morning Herald

‘He's a scientist of world standing, a prolific and bestselling writer, a noted explorer, passionate about the Australian environment, and believes global warming is a calamitous crisis facing us all. Tim Flannery is also a controversial, outspoken stirrer who promises … to tread on toes if he has to, to get his blunt views across.’ –Kerry O'Brien, The 7:30 Report

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