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Powering Up: Unleashing the Clean Energy Supply Chain

Awards for Powering Up

  • Finalist – Technology Award, Australian Business Book Awards 2023

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About the author

Alan Finkel

Alan Finkel was Australia’s chief scientist from 2016 to 2020. He is a neuroscientist, engineer and entrepreneur. He led the 2017 National Electricity Market Review and the 2019 development of the National Hydrogen Strategy, and chaired the 2020 …

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Praise for Powering Up

‘[Powering Up] is a book that everyone interested in the energy transition should read.’ —John Quiggin, The Conversation

‘Powering Up provides a stirring call to action, with global implications as well as special significance for Australia. The book makes a pivotal contribution to our understanding of what it will take to mobilise rapid transition to net zero emissions, advocating integrated, not piecemeal, change across the clean energy supply chain, and outlining Australia’s potential as a leading light and enabler. Finkel’s treatment of this complex topic – fact-based, compelling, supported by scientific and engineering insight – offers a foundation for further development of policies to engage stakeholders and accelerate transformation. The book is a must-read for government and for corporate and community leaders aspiring to escalate climate-change mitigation efforts.’ —Julian V. McCarthy, Australian Book Review

‘Finkel gives us an informed glimpse of the scale of the task, but all with studied optimism. Sobering, but positive.’ —Steven Carroll, The Age

‘[Alan Finkel’s] punchily written book considers how the world can achieve net-zero carbon emissions by creating a new supply chain of materials, markets, government policies and finance to put low-carbon energy technologies into practice.’ —Andrew Robinson, Nature Journal

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