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Crimes of the Cross: The Anglican Paedophile Network of Newcastle, Its Protectors and the Man Who Fought for Justice

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About the author

Anne Manne

Anne Manne is an Australian journalist and social philosopher who has written widely on feminism, motherhood, childcare, family policy, fertility and related issues. She is a regular contributor to the Age and the Monthly. Her books …

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Praise for Crimes of the Cross

‘A unique story of pain and triumph told superbly by Anne Manne, who follows victims of abuse as they shatter an old alliance between leading citizens of Newcastle and its Anglican cathedral on the hill which for decades protected brazen paedophile priests. In all the writing of the last few years about clerical child abuse, there’s nothing like Crimes of the Cross.’ —David Marr

‘This story gripped me from the first page and refused to let go. The courage expressed, the clear criminality within the Anglican Church, the vividness of the writing – all of it has remained with me ever since. This book is a singular achievement, and I cannot recommend it more highly.’ —Jess Hill, author of See What You Made Me Do

‘... told in clear, heart-rending prose, while Manne lays bare the egregious attempts by some diocese figures to protect and excuse the perpetrators.’ –Jason Steger, Sydney Morning Herald

‘Anne Manne has written an extraordinary book [...] The author’s intent in writing this book was to ‘shine light on the dark areas of human life, but above all to bear witness to the stories of survivors’. Her intent has been achieved admirably. [...]Crimes of the Cross is a book which will stay with the reader for a long time.’ –Rod Mclary, Queensland Reviewers Collective

‘[Manne] offers deep insights into the minds and strategies of abusers, and pays tribute to the victims and their tireless struggle for justice. [...] This is an unforgettable study of courage and faith in the face of unthinkable evil.’ –Joy Saturday Magazine

‘Extraordinary stories in Crimes of the Cross’ —Phillip Adams, ABC RN

‘Mr Smith’s characterisation of the book as confronting is undeniable [...] but [...] it is important history for the people of Newcastle.’ —Sage Swinton, Newcastle Herald

‘[Manne] has immersed herself in the diocese and in the victims’ stories. Her narrative is all the more powerful for being mostly matter of fact and unemotional. [...] The bald narrative contains all the power she needs, and I confess it brought me to tears several times.’ —Barney Zwartz, The Age

‘[I] found myself repeatedly moved by Anne Manne’s tenderness towards Steve Smith and her moral incredulity in the face of the conduct of representatives of the church’ —Scott Stephens, Australian Book Review

‘A powerful, well-written book.’ —Pauline Moncrief, Wangaratta Chronicle


‘The sort of magnificent thing about [Crimes of the Cross] … is that it rests on [Steve’s] resilience and his triumph.’ —Nick Feik, ABC RN

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