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Forthcoming titles

True North
Growing Up in Australia
Seeking Asylum
Girt Nation
The Game
Underwater Wild
From Seeds to Leaves
Title Fight
We, Hominids
Muddy People
King of the Air
The Shortest History of War
The Rome Zoo
The Story of Australia

Current titles

The Heartbeat of Trees
One Hundred Days
Everything Harder Than Everyone Else
Red Zone
The Winter Road
The Shortest History of China
I said the sea was folded
The Life of a Spy
Full Circle
The Lost Art of Baking with Yeast
On the Line
Car Crash
Investing with Keynes
Shanghai Acrobat
You Don’t Belong Here
Return to Uluru
The Beat of Life
Growing Up Disabled in Australia
The Shortest History of England
Factory 19
Men at Work
War Criminals Welcome
The Inheritors
The Language of Butterflies
The Oak Papers
The Storm Before the Calm
On Pandemics
Couchsurfing in China
The Road
The Songs of Trees
Melting Moments
Unfinished Business
The Medicine
A Couple of Things Before the End
The Surprise Party
How to Do Nothing
Present Tense
Penny Wong
Act of Grace
The Prince
Here Until August
The Godmother
Inside the Greens
Growing Up Queer in Australia
Poster Boy
The Good, the Bad and the Unlikely
See What You Made Me Do
Botany Bay and the First Fleet
Couchsurfing in Russia
Acute Misfortune
Growing Up African in Australia
Tired of Winning
The Last Man in Europe
Nineteen Eighty-Four
Dead Right
Breaking Point
King of the Air
My Country
Collected Poems
Close to Home
Best Summer Stories
The Hidden Life of Trees
Van Diemen’s Land
Papa Goose
The Honey Factory
The Biographer's Lover
The Fireflies of Autumn
Couchsurfing in Iran
Reaching One Thousand
Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia
A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things
The Unexpected Education of Emily Dean
Deep Time Dreaming
On Borrowed Time
Screen Schooled
The Water Will Come
Between Us
The Best Australian Stories 2017
The Best Australian Essays 2017
The Best Australian Poems 2017
Voyage of the Southern Sun
Curing Affluenza
The Wisdom of Oz
Rain Birds
A Rightful Place
Life's Little Instruction Book
The Wonder of Birds
The Art of Time Travel
The Memory of Music
Woman of Substances
Our Man Elsewhere
In Search of Good Government
Balancing Act
Why I Am Not a Feminist
On Bunyah
The Eighties
The Best Australian Essays 2016
The Best Australian Stories 2016
The Best Australian Poems 2016
True Girt
Drawing Funny
Bob Ellis
The Hidden Life of Trees
The Good, the Bad and the Unlikely
Trillion Dollar Baby
My First Lesson
The May Beetles
Their Brilliant Careers
The Panic Virus
The Wonder Trail
Gay and Lesbian, Then and Now
The Healing Party
Use Your Words
Stop at Nothing
This Annoying Domestic Life
Faction Man
From the Outer
The Books That Changed My Life
The Turner House
Dear Life
Outback Penguin
A Short History of Richard Kline
Australian History in 7 Questions
Credlin & Co.
The Invisible History of the Human Race
Blood Year
The Family Law
Mietta's Italian Family Recipes
Australian Leader Eats Raw Onion Whole
Short Blacks Boxset
This Annoying Life
The Best Australian Essays 2015
The Best Australian Poems 2015
The Best Australian Stories 2015
Killing the Black Dog
On Bunyah
No Fixed Address
The Australian Disease
Tradition, Truth and Tomorrow
Fat City
The War of the Worlds
Regions of Thick-Ribbed Ice
The Brave Ones
Booze Territory
The One Day
Cypherpunk Revolutionary
Where There's Smoke
Penguin and the Lane Brothers
The Luck of Politics
Restless Continent
War Letters of General Monash
The Australian Victories in France in 1918
War Classics
Mungo's Cryptic Crosswords
The Bakehouse Project
After the Blast
Across the Seas
People In Glass Houses
Net Needle
We're All Going To Die (Especially Me)
Something Special, Something Rare
Waiting for the Past
Clear & Concise
Earth Dances
The Sex Lives of Australians
The Best Australian Stories 2014
Stand and Deliver
The Best 100 Poems of Gwen Harwood
The Best Australian Poems 2014
The Best Australian Essays 2014
Nona and Me
Blood and Guts
The Family Men
Internal Medicine
Acute Misfortune
Coast Road
Born Bad
The Whitlam Mob
The Professionals
The Book of Paul
The Prince
Power Failure
The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow
The Well at the World’s End
Gazing at the Stars
Gazing at the Stars
Tony Speaks!
Night Games
A City Lost and Found
Welcome to Your New Life
Animal Wise
The Happiness Show
The Sweet Spot
The Best Australian Stories 2013
The Best 100 Poems of Dorothy Porter
Not Dead Yet
The Best Australian Essays 2013
The Best Australian Poems 2013
State of the Nation
Oil and Honey
The Mad Marathon
Great Expectations
Rudd v. Abbott
Holiday in Cambodia
The China Choice
Scatter, Adapt and Remember
Project Republic
The Revolution Was Televised
The End of Big
Unsuitable for Publication
Political Animal
Ghost Wife
Her Father’s Daughter
Party Time
On the Abolition of All Political Parties
The Hall of Uselessness
The Best 100 Poems of Les Murray
The Best Australian Essays 2012
The Best Australian Stories 2012
The Best Australian Poems 2012
Try Whistling This
The Kingdom and the Quarry
The Shortest History of Europe
The Weight of a Human Heart
Zombie Economics
One Way or Another
The First Fleet
Into the Woods
Botany Bay
The Best Australian Stories 2011
The Best Australian Essays 2011
The Best Australian Poems 2011
You Are What You Speak
The Happy Life
Too Much Luck
Australian Encounters
How I Became a Famous Novelist
Thought Crimes
Hoi Polloi
Piano Lessons
Radical Hope
Beautiful Thing
Cambodia’s Curse
Illegal Harmonies
Making Trouble
The Best Australian Stories
The Best Australian Essays
God is Not One
Up from the Mission
India Calling
Outrageous Fortunes
The Pocketbook of Aussie History
The Australians
The Sound of Pictures
Australian Encounters
Female Chauvinist Pigs
The Best Australian Essays 2010
The Best Australian Poems 2010
The Best Australian Stories 2010
The Wreck of the Batavia & Prosper
Love Poems
The Red Highway
Van Diemen’s Land
Punch & Judy
Reading Madame Bovary
Bonobo Handshake
A Game of Our Own
Looking for Australia
Rise of the Ruddbot
The Skull
The Family File
With Stendhal
Secrets of the Grown-Up Brain
Imperfect Creation
Living Memory
The Lost Art of Baking with Yeast
Taller When Prone
The Next 100 Years
Stripping Bare the Body
Mother of Rock
Journeys to the Interior
Free to a Good Home
The Value of Nothing
The 10 Rules of Rock and Roll
The Best Australian Stories 2009
The Best Australian Essays 2009
The Best Australian Poems 2009
Killing the Black Dog
Stuffed & Starved
The Bee Hut
Wings of the Kite-Hawk
The Sages
Fighting Cancer with Knowledge & Hope
In Mortal Hands
Now or Never
A Big Fix
The Two Trillion Dollar Meltdown
The Best Australian Poems 2008
Say When
The Best Australian Essays 2008
A Question of Power
The Golden Bird
The Limits of Power
Blue Covenant
Growing Up Asian in Australia
Freedom on the Fatal Shore
I Am Melba
The Elements of Cooking
It’s Not My Fault They Print Them
The Best Australian Essays 2007
Other People’s Thoughts
Another Country
Selected Poems
Four Classic Quarterly Essays on Australian Politics
Under the Volcano
Fredy Neptune
The Death of Napoleon
Unpolished Gem
This is the ABC
Whose ABC?
Great Writers, Great Loves
Collected Poems
Necessary Evil
The Biplane Houses
In Off the Red
Bubble Man
Tread Lightly
Left, Right, Left
How To Look Like a Dancer
The Best Australian Science Fiction Writing
The Best Australian Profiles
Well May We Say
Travels in American Iraq
Travel Pilates
Australian Green Home & Garden
The Flavours of Vietnam
The Stuart Case
Chemical Free Home
Chemical Free Pest Control