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Light blue background with photograph of a woman wearing a pink hijab standing in a field
White cover with black and white photograph of Scott Morrison on the bottom half. The top half has the title "The Game" in red block letters. The book is called 'The Game: A portrait of Scott Morrison"
Image of the ocean floor with a large red octopus in the centre
light background with gumtree branch hanging from top right corner with leaves and gumnuts
White cover with blue silhouette of Trojan horse within blue and black border
Black and white photograph of Charles Kingsford Smith wearing a pilot uniform sitting in a small plane
Illustration of flamingo bending over on a rock next to a pool of water
cream cover with small illustration of skeleton walking
horizontal lines of pattern mixed with lines block colours behind a painted colourful font
black cover with bright image of sunflower
Orange cover behind a spiky white speech bubble with blue outline surrounding title
Blue background with dark blue and white illustrations of flowers and plants behind block of yellow with dark blue text
Black cover with two pink fists and white text
Birds-eye view photograph of trees with yellow and white text
Two birds on a branch inside a yellow silhouette of a girls face on a light pink background
white cover with pendant on the end of a red rope with a portrait of a Chinese political figure
white cover with illustration of two arms pulling long white rabbit out of a magicians top-hat
White cover with image of large brown and white feather
cream cover behind brown leaf with red on the tip behind red text
white cover with gold painted Chinese characters behind block of red filled with white text
cream border with photograph of a small orange and white dog looking up at a toy being held above frame
Photograph of military helicopter with empty bullet shells littering the ground
white cover with blue arrow pointing up behind black text
Red line bordering title behind five large blue upside down fish stamps
Black and white photograph of a young boy in front of an image of red carved doors leading to Chinese building
Three blocks of yellow, red and green filled with french and english text, followed by black and white photographs of young women
Birds-eye view photograph of Uluru
Red doodle of anatomical heart on light red background
Colourful paint and marker splatters on blue background
Red silhouette of lion on white background surrounded by red border