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Dear Life

Dear Life: On Caring for the Elderly

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About the author

Karen Hitchcock

Karen Hitchcock is the author of the award-winning story collection Little White Slips and a regular contributor to the Monthly. She is also a staff physician in acute and general medicine at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne.

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Praise for Dear Life

‘In Dear Life, Hitchcock has laid out her most important work to date in the type of clear, rational, respectful prose that the topic demands. As much as our natural instinct may be to avert our gaze from death, to push it from our minds at every opportunity, this essay is inspirational and aspirational in its scope. It is highly recommended to all those who hold life dear, and especially to those whose professional lives are devoted to helping us through illness and death with dignity.’—Weekend Australian

‘Hitchcock’s essay is not comfortable reading, but it is compelling’—The Saturday Paper

‘A sensitive, rigorous, and moving account that exposes the prevailing ageism in our medical services and in Australian society as a whole.’—Australian Book Review

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