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Donald Horne: A Life in the Lucky Country

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About the author

Ryan Cropp

Ryan Cropp is a writer and historian based in Sydney. His writing has appeared in Australian Book ReviewOverland and Inside Story. He has studied and taught in the Department of History at the University of …

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Praise for Donald Horne

‘Unmissable for anybody interested in the intellectual life of this country. The absorbing story of how one fascinating man was changed by the times he lived through, and how he, in turn, changed his country.’ —Sean Kelly, author of The Game

'A compulsive read about a writer who shaped the way we Australians think about ourselves' —Judith Brett, award-winning author of Robert Menzies' Forgotten People and The Enigmatic Mr Deakin

‘Cropp describes a formidable and unorthodox public intellectual’ —Jason Steger, The Age ‘The best books to read in August’

‘Horne’s example of vigorous but respectful disagreement, as Cropp shows in this compelling and important biography, is well worth revisiting.’ —Frank Bongiorno, Inside Story

‘This is an impressive biography, impeccably researched and beautifully crafted.’ —Phillip Deery, The Sydney Morning Herald

‘In his accomplished and insightful biography … Cropp has captured a full life, well lived, that was a tribute to the importance of paying attention and making a difference.’ —Julianne Schultz, The Conversation

‘[A] very readable and informing account of a figure of whom a standard life has long been required and a gap in the record filled’ —Guy Rundle, Arena

‘Ryan Cropp’s thoughtful life of Donald Horne … charted the restless and provocative habits of his subject with care and elegance, and animated decades of faded news and current affairs with colour and poise.’ —Patrick Mullins, Australian Book Review ‘Books of the Year 2023’