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On Kim Scott: An Illuminating Essay on the Author of the Miles Franklin Award-Winning Novels Benang and That Deadman Dance

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About the author

Tony Birch

Tony Birch holds the Boisbouvier Chair in Australian Literature at Melbourne University. He is the author of four novels, five short fiction collections and two books of poetry. His most recent novel is Women and Children, and his forthcoming …

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Praise for On Kim Scott

‘Tracing Kim Scott's career, Tony Birch adopts a patient, rigorous approach — a testament to his years of scholarship and teaching. [...] Birch covers the range of Scott's writing as a musician plays the registers — the discordant and dissonant as well as the harmonies and depths.’ –Declan Fry, ABC

‘This book represents something of an inflexion point in Indigenous letters. It models an Indigenous critique that seeks to seize the elements of form in Indigenous writing that offer guidance to other Indigenous writers.’ —Tony Hughes-d’Aeth, Australian Book Review

 ‘Birch has produced a valuable introduction to Scott’s work.’ —Jane Gleeson-White, The Age