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Gazing at the Stars: Memories of a Child Survivor

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About the author

Eva Slonim

Eva Slonim (née Weiss) was born in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 1931. A survivor of the Holocaust, Eva relocated with her family to Melbourne in 1948. She married Ben Slonim in 1953, and together they had five children, and many grandchildren and great- …

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Praise for Gazing at the Stars

‘Eva’s account of her experiences is remarkable in its detail, particularly when one considers her age. Through her 14-year-old eyes, the daily humiliations, deprivations and tortures of Auschwitz are thrown into sharp relief.’ —Age


‘An extraordinary memoir that is brimming with courage, hope and love in the face of evil. Slonim’s story . . . is a must read for everyone.’ —Books and Publishing Online


‘Unforgettable’ —Adealaide Advertiser, Best Books of 2014

Teachers' Resources


Faith; Injustice and Cruelty; Survival

Reading age

Grades 9-12


In this remarkable memoir, Eva recounts her experiences as a child at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. It is the culmination of her lifelong commitment to educating the world about the Holocaust. 


Read an interview with Eva Slonim in the Weekend Australian Magazine.


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