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Filled with fascinating and often surprising information, the book is also an invitation to honour and protect these extraordinary animals. —David George Haskell

Koala: A Life in Trees

Awards for Koala

  • Won the 2023 Whitley Award for Popular Ecology

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About the author

Danielle Clode

Danielle Clode is a biologist and natural history author. Her books include Killers in Eden, which was made into an award-winning ABC TV documentary; Voyage to the South Seas, winner of the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for …

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Praise for Koala

‘Clode’s travels with koalas range far in time and space, introducing readers to so much about these creatures beyond the shorthands they've become … Clode is a perfect guide for this journey - passionate and knowledgeable, curious and careful - and her map of all the ways these marsupials' stories intersect with ours is yet another vital dotpoint in the vast and interconnected tale of climate change.’ —Ashley Hay, author of Gum: The Story of Eucalypts and their Champions

‘The tree-dwelling koala is one of Australia's most iconic species, yet it is threatened by habitat loss. Danielle Clode, a natural storyteller, has written an insightful book that deepens our understanding of this fascinating animal and highlights the urgency of its survival.’ —Peter Wohlleben, author of The Hidden Life of Trees

‘A vividly written and thoroughly researched celebration of the lives of koalas. Filled with fascinating and often surprising information, the book is also an invitation to honour and protect these extraordinary animals.’ —David George Haskell, author of Sounds Wild and Broken and The Songs of Trees

‘An entertaining account of a controversial mammal’ —Tim Low, author of Where Song Began

‘Rigorous new scientific analysis with intimate knowledge of the koala’s enigmatic, survivalist character’ —David Owen

‘Clode is a master at popularising science and making the complex understandable … An important book that focuses on the koala but is really an impassioned and informed plea for the conservation of Australia’s flora, fauna, and wild places. This is natural history and science writing at its best.’ —Peter Menkhorst, Australian Book Review

‘Koala is a winner … Easily readable, with a welcomed personal touch. I highly recommend this book.’ —Marc Bekoff, author of A Dog’s World  


‘This is the book I've been waiting for – for 40 years.’ —Sy Montgomery, author of The Soul of the Octopus

‘Koala is more than just a fascinating book about these marsupials … I loved reading this book.’ —Readings

‘Clode’s engaging new book follows her curiosity to trace the story of koalas from their megafaunal ancestors to the 2019-20 bushfires and beyond.’ —Gemma Nisbet, The West Australian

‘ ... the humility of her approach encourages us to interrogate the koala information, or lore, even as we receive it, thus promoting the kind of active reading that must surely enhance the way we go on to experience the landscape around us.’ —Gregory Day, The Saturday Age

‘This is the outing animal lovers didn’t know they needed.’ —Publishers Weekly

‘Koala helps to unpick the mystery of koalas through a richly layered but completely accessible exploration of this unique mammal and its complex ecology.’ —Suzannah Marshall Macbeth, The Canberra Times

‘Clode, a science writer, is fortunate to live in a corner of Australia where koalas are thriving.’ —Tim Flannery, The New York Review of Books

‘[Danielle Clode] is one of our great nature writers – she knows the science from the inside and can systematically lay out masses of information in easily digestible form. But she can also be poetic, evocative and moving.’ —Nick Mattiske, Insights Magazine