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Peter and the Tree Children

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About the author

Peter Wohlleben

Peter Wohlleben spent more than twenty years working for the forestry commission before leaving to put his ideas of ecology into practice. He now runs an environmentally friendly woodland in Germany, where he is working for the return of primeval forests. …

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Cale Atkinson is an illustrator, writer, and animator currently living in Kelowna, BC. Believing in tea more than sleep, Cale is constantly working on numerous projects. His work can be found in children’s books, animated shorts, television, and …

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Praise for Peter and the Tree Children

‘A beautiful reminder of the importance of preserving natural forests and landscapes for the benefit of all the creatures who live there.’ —School Library Journal

‘I really enjoyed this book and especially the character Piet because he is really cute and he is a talking animal which is always cool! I liked how he wasn’t a human character. He teaches us that you can make your own family.’ —May Deverall, aged 11

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