Serendipity by Oscar Farinetti, Barbara McGilvray | Black Inc.

Serendipity: From Truffles and Champagne to Corn Flakes and Coffee: Stories of Accidental Success

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About the author

Oscar  Farinetti

Oscar Farinetti is an Italian entrepreneur and author. He is the founder of the food store chain Eataly, with thirty-seven locations around the world. His most recent project is Green Pea – a sustainability themed shopping centre.

Barbara …

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Barbara  McGilvray

Barbara McGilvray has been translating from Italian to English for over forty years and was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in 2016.

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Praise for Serendipity

‘This book explores the happy accidents that happen in the world of food and wine. A terrific and insightful read.’ —Andrew McConnell

‘Plenty to learn if you want to know the origins of what you’re eating and drinking.’ —The Age, Top 10 books you should read in July

‘This book will quickly turn you from food bore to knowledgeable, giving the reader an easy way to impress over drinks and dinner. For that reason, it is recommended for learners and listeners, and highly recommended for talkers and interrupters.´ —Barry Reynolds, The Herald Sun

‘Farinetti is a gracious storyteller’ —Newcastle Herald

‘History and happenstance meet in 48 well-researched examples.’  —Florence Fabricant, The New York Times