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Sex: Two Billion Years of Procreation and Recreation

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About the author

David Baker

David Baker is a history and science writer for who holds the world's first PhD in Big History. He has delivered award-winning lectures at Macquarie University and the University of Amsterdam, is a visiting lecturer at the University …

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Praise for Sex

‘With a keen eye for the absurd, and a deep-time view of our origins, David Baker’s book entertains and informs in equal measure. If you’ve ever felt that sex was confusing, messy or slightly ridiculous, this book is for you.’ —Emma Byrne, author of Swearing Is Good for You

‘Take the ever-fascinating topic of sexuality, explore it within the rich context of the evolutionary and social history of humanity, sprinkle on intriguing facts and figures along with regular shots of humour, then deliver in an accessible but never trivial writing style . . . David Baker’s wonderful book offers information, entertainment, and insight.’ —Susan Quilliam, coauthor of The Joy of Sex: The Ultimate Revised Edition

Sex masterfully traces the fascinating story of sexual reproduction to illuminate the evolutionary forces driving modern human behaviours and desires.’ —Dr Tiana Pirtle, ecologist and reproductive biologist

‘This is a well-researched, superbly written, often punchy, sometimes speculative, and always entertaining “big history” of the sexual activities that keep all species going from generation to generation. It offers vivid accounts of physical love of many kinds, of the strange sexual rituals of bonobos, and of the pleasure, heartache and cruelty that accompany sex in complex organisms like humans. By describing sexual behavior at the largest possible scales, Baker helps make sense of the revolutionary changes in sexual behavior taking place today.’ —David Christian, bestselling author of Origin Story and Future Stories

‘Baker’s prose is animated and deliberately raunchy, making what would be a dense read light and entertaining.’ —Melissa Kang, The Conversation

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