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The Shortest History of Greece

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About the author

James Heneage

James Heneage is the founder of the Ottakar's bookstore chain and the Chalke Valley History Festival in the UK. He is the author of The Shortest History of Greece, and fiction including The Mistra Chronicles, his quartet of …

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Praise for The Shortest History of Greece

‘From Alpha to Omega, and from Socrates to Syriza, here is all of Greek history, expertly told.’ —Tom Holland

‘James Heneage manages to race through more than 3 millennia of Greek history – ancient, medieval and modern – in fewer than 250 pages without racing by anything essential. The Shortest History of Greece is filled with illuminating vignettes.’ —Yannis Palaiologos, author of The 13th Labour of Hercules

‘A model of how to make the broad outlines of history accessible and digestible – and never a boring paragraph, let alone a boring page’ —Bruce Clark, author of Athens: City of Wisdom

‘In two centuries, from about 500 to 300 BCE, [the Greeks'] extraordinary achievements in philosophy, literature, art and the organisation of society laid the foundations for the world we experience today… Yet many of us continue to know little about Greek history. Heneage succeeds in rectifying that’ —Daily Mail ‘History Book of the Year'

‘A colourful marvel of compression.’ —The Sydney Morning Herald

‘You might think you know Greek history, but this highly entertaining, synoptic study charts the epic sweep and complexity of it.’ —Steven Carroll, The Saturday Age