SWF: An Irrevocable Condition | Black Inc.
Moreno Giovannoni

SWF: An Irrevocable Condition

James Baldwin famously wrote, “perhaps home is not a place, but an irrevocable condition.” Is it possible to sever all ties with one’s birthplace and start afresh in a new land, or will – as Baldwin suggests – the past follow us everywhere we go, like a shadow? Christos Tsiolkas poses the question to acclaimed authors Melanie Cheng (a guest Festival curator and author of Room for a Stranger), Moreno Giovannoni (The Fireflies of Autumn) and Ling Ma (Severance), who each explore themes of immigration and identity through their work.

Date:   Friday 3 May

Time:   11:30am

Venue: Carriageworks, Bay 24 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh

Price:   $25 / $20