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Reset: Restoring Australia after the Pandemic Recession

From the bestselling author of Superpower, a ground-breaking sequel about Australia’s best path out of recession

‘The nation’s most prophetic economist’—Ross Gittins

In Reset, renowned economist Ross Garnaut shows how the COVID-19 crisis offers Australia the opportunity to reset its economy and build a successful future – and why the old approaches will not work.

Garnaut develops the idea of a renewable superpower, he calls for a basic income and he explores what the ‘decoupling’ of China and America will mean for Australia.

In the wake of COVID-19, the world has entered its deepest recession since the 1930s. Shocks of this magnitude throw history from its established course – either for good or evil. In 1942 – in the depths of war – the Australian government established a Department of Post-War Reconstruction to plan a future that not only restored existing strengths but also rebuilt the country for a new and better future. As we strive to overcome the coronavirus challenge, we need new, practical ideas to restore Australia. This book has them.

La Trobe University Press in conjunction with Black Inc. and the University of Melbourne


About the author

Ross Garnaut

Ross Garnaut is the professorial research fellow in economics at the University of Melbourne. In 2008, he produced the Garnaut Climate Change Review for the Australian government. He is the author of many books, including the bestselling Dog DaysSuperpower and Reset.

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Release date: 22 Feb 2021

RRP: $32.99

Paperback ISBN: 9781760642822

eISBN: 9781743821619

Format: Paperback

Size: 234 x 153mm

Extent: 320pp

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Praise for Reset

‘Professor Ross Garnaut is more prophet than gloomy economist, a man with the vision of a better future that our politicians have lost as they squabble over votes.’ —Ross Gittins, Sydney Morning Herald

‘If Reset has the same impact [as Superpower], and I believe it will, readers will be looking back at it for decades as the most influential Australian economic text of the coming quarter century.’ —The Age

‘Garnaut’s policy road map gives us hope that Australia can emerge from its great complacency, put its dog days behind it and enter a new era of economic and social progress in a fairer society.’ —Financial Review

‘Appeals to revive the spirit of the Hawke–Keating government under this government frankly seem like a waste of breath. But it is the fate of reformers to debate reform options in their own minds and with those they respect, and Garnaut’s book is full of them, all focused on creating an Australia with full employment – as soon as possible – rising standards of living, sustainable finances, and world-leading new industries based on renewable energy.’ —Inside Story

‘Ross Garnaut is undeterred. His new book … is a wide-ranging almanac of reform proposals to give Australia a better future’ —Inside Story

‘A new economic reform agenda is essential. Professor Ross Garnaut’s new book, Reset, provides such an agenda.’ —Craig Emerson, Australian Financial Review

‘Ross Garnaut’s new book Reset provides another valuable contribution to the debate on Australia’s post-COVID-19 future.’ —Stephen Grenville, Australian Financial Review