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The Godmother: exclusive extract

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The Godmother: exclusive extract

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About the authors

Hannelore Cayre

Hannelore Cayre is an award-winning French novelist, screenwriter and director, and a practising criminal lawyer. Her works include Legal Aid, Masterpieces and Like It Is in the Movies. She has directed several short films and the adaptation of Commis d’office (Legal Aid) is her first feature-length film. She lives in Paris.

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Stephanie Smee

Stephanie Smee left a career in law to work as a literary translator. Her publications span nineteenth-century French children’s literature to her recent translation of Hannelore Cayre’s prize-winning work of literary crime fiction, The Godmother. Her translation of rediscovered WWII memoir, No Place to Lay One’s Head, won the JQ–Wingate Prize.

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