The Best Australian Poems 2015 by Geoff Page | Black Inc.

The Best Australian Poems 2015

Edited by

Geoff Page

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About the editor

Geoff Page

Geoff Page has published nineteen collections of poetry as well as two novels, five verse novels and several other works, including anthologies, translations and a biography of the jazz musician Bernie McGann. He has won several awards, including the …

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Praise for The Best Australian Poems 2015

‘As one reads, it feels as if there is a particular sense of loss, both past, present, and in prospect in this year’s poems. This may be because not that many of the poets seem to be under 40, or even 50, and consequently the mortality of the poets and their parents hangs, not heavily, but inescapably, over much of the book. For an Australian collection, it gives everything a surprisingly crepuscular, yet elegiac feel.’ —Sydney Morning Herald