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We’ve Got This: Stories by Disabled Parents

Edited by

Eliza Hull

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About the editor

Eliza Hull

Eliza Hull is a musical artist, writer, journalist and disability advocate – and a contributor to Growing Up Disabled in Australia. Her podcast series on parenting with a disability, We've Got This, was one of Radio National’s …

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Praise for We’ve Got This

 ‘Eliza is a legend – and a great advocate for our community. This book will help a lot of people!’—Dylan Alcott, Paralympian

We’ve Got This is the book I needed many years ago when I was considering whether to have children. Now, as I embark on motherhood, these stories from these incredible parents will teach me so much.’—Nas Campanella, journalist

‘All parenting is a leap of faith: with a disability it’s a powerful affirmation of life – as the stories in We’ve Got This demonstrate.’—Virginia Trioli, journalist and radio/TV presenter

 ‘We’ve Got This challenges the narrow stereotype of what disability looks like. It shows that disabled people are parents too – and bloody good ones at that! Thank you, Eliza, for disrupting the discourse.’ —Lisa Cox, media professional and disability advocate

‘Eye-opening and heartwarming, We’ve Got This will make you laugh, cry and rethink disability entirely. A must-read.’—Holly Ransom, public speaker and author

‘Full of deep, beautiful, important stories. I’ve learnt so much from this book.’—Clare Bowditch, musician, actress and radio presenter

We’ve Got This shows what’s possible – that disabled people make brilliant parents. Eliza Hull is a skilful curator. This book should be mandatory reading for healthcare professionals, educators and everyone wanting to be a better disability ally.’—Carly Findlay OAM, writer, speaker and appearance activist

‘In this anthology, 25 parents who are deaf, disabled or chronically ill share the highs and lows of their parenting journeys and reveal the greatest obstacle lies in other people’s attitudes.’ —Steffanie Tan, The New Daily

‘Something I admire about Hull is that … She wants to do the best for the disability community as a whole.’ —Carly Findlay, The Saturday Paper

‘Everyone should find something empowering in this first major anthology by parents with disabilities. They show what’s achievable: disabled people make exceptional parents.’– PS News

‘We’ve Got This attests to the capacities of disabled parents and to the joys of parenting in an authentic way.’—Erin Stewart, ArtsHub