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On Beverley Farmer: Writers on Writers

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Josephine Rowe

Josephine Rowe has twice been named a Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Novelist (in 2017 and 2020) and was awarded the 2016 ABR Elizabeth Jolley Prize. Her story collection Here Until August was shortlisted for the Stella Prize, while …

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On Beverley Farmer

Praise for On Beverley Farmer

‘This is the strength of the Writers on Writers series: the extended essays pay lyrical homage to writers who have not necessarily stuck in our cultural memory, but also have the capacity and rigor to critique the dynamics of literary culture and the deeply subjective nature of reading ... If you haven’t read Beverley Farmer before reading Rowe’s homage, you will definitely want to after.’ —ArtsHub

‘Sensory and acute ... Rowe’s reading gently aligns with Farmer’s writing, visiting the liminal spaces that compel Farmer.’ —The Weekend Australian

‘A gorgeously written and acute work that recognises and celebrates Farmer’s contribution to Australian writing. I loved it.’ —Lucy Treloar

‘Rowe’s reading of Farmer runs as deep as Farmer’s own reading of Woolf and Berger and Frame, among others. It is a gift to any attentive reader; especially readers who, like me, are of an associative turn of mind, who seek out those deep-thinking pauses, those illuminating instances of meaningful proximity.’ —Anna MacDonald, Australian Book Review

On Beverley Farmer is luminous, wise and sustaining.’ —Felicity Plunkett

‘[Rowe’s] readings of the work are illuminating and bring out just why Farmer is worth reading.’ —Owen Richardson, The Age / Sydney Morning Herald

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