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Dog Days: Australia After the Boom

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About the author

Ross Garnaut

Ross Garnaut is the professorial research fellow in economics at the University of Melbourne. In 2008, he produced the Garnaut Climate Change Review for the Australian government. He is the author of many books, including the bestselling Dog DaysSuperpower …

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Praise for Dog Days

‘This book is a must-read for anyone concerned with the economic and social future of Australia. Garnaut brings to the task one of our most penetrating economic minds in an astringent analysis of the challenges facing us. He presents a wide-ranging and detailed set of policies to meet those challenges successfully. The book is lucid, compelling and unburdened by political bias.’ —Bob Hawke

‘Garnaut's new book … is full of good sense, subtle insight and discriminating courage from one who knows from the inside what it's like for governments facing difficult decisions.’ —Tim Colebatch, The Age


‘Garnaut lays out the essential tenets of good policy-making from the ‘reform era’ that have been forgotten in the 21st century’s era of populist and entitlement-based politics.’ —The Deal

‘Treasurer Joe Hockey, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and members of their economic team should read Garnaut's latest book Dog Days.’ —Australian Financial Review


‘Garnaut ‘write[s] engagingly and passionately about what is happening and what could be in store for Australians in the coming decade’ —Bob Douglas, The Age


‘Garnaut is a powerful reminder that ideas matter - and so does  the ability to sell them.’ —Ballarat Courier


‘An important contribution to the national conversation’ —Paul Cleary, the Australian


‘A brilliant guide to the future of the Australian economy’ —Max Corden


‘A wake up call to the nation’ —Michael Short, the Age


‘The nation’s most prophetic economist’ —Ross Gittins


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