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Superpower: Australia's Low-Carbon Opportunity

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Ross Garnaut

Ross Garnaut is the professorial research fellow in economics at the University of Melbourne. In 2008, he produced the Garnaut Climate Change Review for the Australian government. He is the author of many books, including the bestselling Dog DaysSuperpower …

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Praise for Superpower

‘Garnaut’s work shows an entirely new vista for the low-carbon future, one that could bring a boon to the farms and the regions of Australia.’ —Peter Hartcher, The Saturday Age

‘Garnaut’s book is about … an enormous and lucrative opportunity for Australia to produce and export embedded energy sourced from wind and the sun at a cost and scale other nations won’t be able to match.’ —The Conversation

‘Ross Garnaut’s new book, Superpower, identifies a rosy future: it foresees Australia becoming a major exporter of clean energy because of our comparative advantage in renewables.’ —Ross Henderson, Australian Financial Review

Superpower may be his most important book yet, and is another timely, credible, and persuasive contribution to a public policy debate … This book is important and ought to be compulsory reading for our political elites and anyone vaguely interested in the future of the country and/or their offspring.’ —The Interpreter

‘An optimistic blueprint for what Australia can and should do now to reduce emissions, in doing so aiding the global effort that will ultimately determine how bad things get.’ —Meanjin

‘This is a book that provides a path forward and a vision for a better future than others we may easily fall into.’ —Inside Story

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