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The Shortest History of Economics: The Powerful Story of Economic Ideas and Forces that Shape Our World

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Andrew Leigh

Andrew Leigh is the federal member for Fenner. Before being elected in 2010, he was a professor of economics at the Australian National University. His books include Battlers and Billionaires

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Praise for The Shortest History of Economics

'This "short" book is bursting with insights about economics, illustrated by memorable stories and historical events. People who are curious about but confused by economics will learn enough from this volume to be conversant for life. Andrew Leigh is not only an engaging writer, he is charming and fun as well – something that cannot be said of all economists!' —Caroline M. Hoxby, Scott and Donya Bommer Professor of Economics, Stanford University

'If you read just one book about economics, make it Andrew Leigh's clear, insightful, and remarkable (and short) work. Learn why we are richer, live longer, have healthier children, are monumentally more productive and are happier than our ancestors.' – Claudia Goldin, Nobel Laureate, Henry Lee Professor of Economics, Harvard University

'Leigh takes the reader on an engaging romp through key moments in the world's economic history that created the economies we see today around the globe. It is essential reading for anyone looking to understand today's economy.' —Betsey Stevenson, Professor of Economics, University of Michigan, and co-author of Principles of Economics

‘The Shortest History of Economics should be required reading to any participant in today’s economy – which is everyone … It’s an asset in a risk-laden, unfair time.’ —Kurt Johnson, The Saturday Paper

‘Andrew Leigh’s new book is a punchy, insightful, and highly accessible romp through the ages that explains the pivotal role economics has played in shaping the world.’ —Greg Thom, Institute of Community Directors Australia

‘This is a short volume, with a big remit … and he promises many interesting asides, including the history of Monopoly, the invention of the plough, and why American cities were first to get skyscrapers.’ —Caroline Overington, The Australian

‘Leigh manages to give the casual reader an insight into economics, one of humanity’s most powerful forces, while enticing them to run even further.’ —Shane Wright, The Age

 ‘[A] book giddy with speed as it sprints from how much effort it took Babylonian workers in 1750 BCE to create light to the threat posed to humanity by the singularity.’ —Shane Wright, The Age

‘A most enjoyable read’ —Scott Bell, Hobart Mercury

‘Whatever their causes, wars are usually won by the side with the most economic resources. This is just one of the many fascinating things you learn from [the] new book, The Shortest History of Economics.’—Ross Gittins, The Age

‘Andrew Leigh’s insightful scholarship is an important contribution to recentring economics.’ —Simon Ville, Economic Record

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