George Seddon by Andrea Gaynor | Black Inc.

George Seddon: Selected Writings

Edited by

Andrea Gaynor

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About the editor

Andrea Gaynor

Andrea Gaynor is associate professor and discipline chair of history at the University of Western Australia. As an environmental historian and activist she has investigated a range of environmental issues from a historical perspective, including fisheries, …

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Praise for George Seddon

‘Seddon’s vision has enduring significance today: he made life better, planners more thoughtful and landscapes more beautiful; he helped us see our country from the inside. He was a maverick, an original. In his boyish way he encouraged us to “wag school” from time to time, to climb fences, to play, and to challenge what we read with what we feel, hear and see.’ —Tom Griffiths

‘George Seddon’s words are beacons.’ —Tim Flannery