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Half Deaf, Completely Mad: The Chaotic Genius of Australia’s Most Legendary Producer

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About the author

Tony Cohen

Tony Cohen started out as a fifteen-year-old dubbing boy at Armstrong Studios and went on to become the most sought-after music producer in Australia and the winner of three ARIA awards. His forthcoming posthumous book is Half Deaf, Completely …

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John Olson

John Olson is a producer-engineer, archivist and researcher of film, television, radio and music history. His forthcoming book with Tony Cohen is Half Deaf, Completely Mad.

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Praise for Half Deaf, Completely Mad

‘The book properly makes sense as a complete artefact, poignantly contrasting between an impulsive, peripatetic life – lived sometimes at the beck and call of drugs, the maverick genius of others – and, on the other hand, great succinct artistic statements that remain fixed in time.’ —Richie Black, ArtsHub

‘Half Deaf, Completely Mad is a fascinating memoir for any music enthusiast. It is consumed with laughter and tragedy that highlights the chaos of a man that lived hard … Cohen gives readers an all-access pass to a raft of Australian music royalty, including his decades long relationship with Nick Cave.’ —Samuel Bernard, The Weekend Australian

‘Half Deaf, Completely Mad is an amazing story of his life and his art.’ —Pierre Sutcliffe, Readings

‘...the sound that most defines Half Deaf, Completely Mad is laughter, however frayed, rueful or raw. You hear the voice of a natural storyteller reeling you in, the interview tape running warm as he speaks … You leave this book wishing he was still talking. But the tape runs out and it’s over.’ —Mark Mordue, The Saturday Paper

‘[Tony Cohen] will always be in touch with us through the music he helped create, and through the words in this wonderful, lively, funny book about a working life in music.’ —John Willsteed, The Conversation

‘Rollicking memoir’ —Martin Boulton, The Saturday Age

‘...a cracking read, with the rackety, ragged, richly textured quality of the punk and rock sounds Tony Cohen produced.’ —Jo Case, InReview